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acne reduction aqua laser clinic

Acne Reduction Treatment

At Aqua Laser Clinic, we understand the impact of acne on your skin and confidence. Our goal is to help you achieve clearer, healthier skin by offering effective acne reduction treatments tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan and address the underlying causes of your acne.




We offer targeted acne treatments to address specific concerns such as inflammatory acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. These treatments may include the application of specialised masks, spot treatments, laser treatments, LED light therapy to reduce acne-causing bacteria and inflammation​


Ongoing Support and Follow-Up

Acne reduction is an ongoing process, and our team is committed to supporting you throughout your journey. We encourage regular follow-up appointments to assess progress, make adjustments to your treatment plan if necessary, and provide ongoing support and guidance.​


Hayden Hayden

I strongly recommend this place for those who have genetic hair loss problems or hair thinning issues. They provide PRP service at an affordable price without compromising the quality of treatment. I am really happy to find Aqua Laser Clinic, the staff answered all my questions patiently and they are very professional. I have tried other treatments before but the PRP treatment by Aqua Laser Clinic is definitely the best.

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Catherine Zin

I've been going to Aqua Laser Clinic for over a year now for laser and I love it! The clinic is always clean and the techs are always so lovely and make the whole experience comfortable. I've definely seen improvements and dramatic reduction in hair growth. Would defs recommend/10!


I noticed my hair loss around 1 year ago. I did some research online and found Aqua Laser Clinic doing PRP hair treatment. The staff are always professional and helpful. I have done 5 sessions so far, the result is very good. I'm looking forward to see more result in the next few sessions. Highly recommended!

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